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I have always loved reading non-fiction. Whenever I stumble upon something interesting I have to know more. The world is full of curious topics and fascinating people—I can’t help but gravitate towards them. As the saying goes, ‘the truth is stranger than fiction.’

I write across all subject areas, but I especially love history. There is nothing better than sitting in the State Library surrounded by boxes of research…


See below for a sample of my published non-fiction articles for children.

Feathered Heroes

pigeon pic.jpg
Published in Touchdown, April 2019

When you think about animals that served in war, it’s probably horses or dogs that immediately come to mind. But did you know that pigeons saved thousands of lives in World Wars One and Two? Read on to learn more about the pigeon and the incredible role this humble bird has played in wartime.


Nature's Magic Light Show

glow worm.png
Published in Touchdown, Nov 2018

Your eyes adjust to the darkness of the forest. A trickle of moonlight filters through the dense canopy of towering ferns. Branches crunch beneath your feet as you venture deeper into the shadows. But then, as if by magic, the leaf-littered path lights up. You’re surrounded by the blue-green glow of hundreds of twinkling fairy lights. Welcome to the dazzling world of the glow-worm.

Unlikely Heroes

Published in Touchdown, Sep 2022

Millions of animals have served in wars. Horses, donkeys and camels transported food, weapons and medication. Pigeons carried vital messages. Dogs worked as guards, trackers and even medics, locating and assisting the wounded. But there were also many unusual animals which played a vital role in World War One and Two. Read on to learn about some of the most unexpected heroes of war, from gas detecting gastropods to bioluminescent beetles.

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